Just Ask Bob

Just Ask Bob is not fake like conventional “reality television” -- just real home renovations executed hands-on in Bob's real shop and on his real Hamilton renovation job sites.

Bob Assadourian promises to educate you while at the same time motivating you to get up off the couch to tackle your own to-do lists of repairs and renovations around your own home… totally bypassing the often crooked and overcharging contractors! But if you must hire a contractor... Bob will teach you how to do it wisely by educating you on the importance of always using Building Permits, properly pre-screening your potential contractor… including what to look and listen for before you hire them... and making sure your contractor is properly licensed, insured, WSIB covered and provides you with a ton of references. 

Bob will demystify the process of what construction materials to use for your home… highlighting everything from total garbage to the highest quality in building materials on the market.  The ultimate goal is having all your repairs and dream renovations exceed your highest expectations whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.

This show is not currently in production. Please enjoy repeat broadcasts throughout the season. Check out our schedule for airtimes.