Adam Cocca

Host/Community Producer

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Adam “AC” Cocca, a resident of the city, has been a part of the Hamilton community over the years in many different ways. Through community sports, he has volunteered with Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club as coach on several different occasions including most recently in the 2019 season. AC is also a musician (drums/guitar/vocals) and has performed at local venues such as the Ancaster fair, absinthe, corktown and even the casbah! After a stint playing the local music scene, AC spent 8 years serving the community and its families as a funeral associate with Bay Gardens Funeral Home. This path also led to representing the company in many community events and fundraisers. In recent years AC has taken his passion for fitness and health into his career path and that led to finding the Hamilton Pro Wrestling Academy, a place to learn and live his first and true passion, wrestling. Alongside his partner in the ring and in business, David Sciara, the two have created, own and operate Hamilton Wrestling Entertainment! With many plans for the future they have already begun building a foundation of working with the community and are associating themselves with local businesses and charities to give back to their community and at the same time provide the Wrestling Entertainment to go along with it! Catch them at their HWE events and be sure to stay tuned for an episodic television show which is sure to bring much humour and charm!