David Sciara

Host/Community Producer


David Sciara is a “jack of all trades” and a true Hamiltonian.  He was born and raised in Hamilton and when looking at opening his first business, naturally he chose his home town!  Trained as a barber by his father, David opened his own barber shop at a very young age.   Despite his success in this avenue, he felt he was made for more.  After experimenting with pet grooming, performing as a magician in local restaurants, making cigar box guitars and airbrushing, he was introduced to jiu jitsu and was hooked.  With two other partners, he opened a jiu jitsu club in east Hamilton, and has competed as a blue and purple belt across Ontario and in Las Vegas.

Still wanting more, David turned to wrestling.  Always up for a challenge, when he was invited to take a class, he jumped on the opportunity.   He was welcomed with open arms at Hamilton Pro Wrestling Academy and became an instant star in the ring.  It was through HPW that he met his current tag team and business partner Adam Cocca.  The two recently launched their own wrestling promotion company, Hamilton Wrestling Entertainment, which has teamed up with local charities and foundations to not only provide top notch wrestling entertainment in the Hamilton area but also to give back to the Hamilton community.  Don’t miss their special events and stay tuned for details on the launch of a hilarious new television show featuring David and Adam in their natural element.