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Scot Urquhart
Segment Host

Some of you may know me from a previous lifetime in broadcast journalism, here in Hamilton.

For those of you who don't, “Hi!”  I've lived in Hamilton for my entire adult life, and for most of that, I covered the people and issues that told the story of this city. And what a great city!

I first came here in 1981, expecting to stay two years, and move on. (After all, it was Hamilton!) Four decades later, I'm still here. Hamilton is my home. More my home than the town I was born and raised in. As I have explained to many of my “foreign”, (by which I mean non-Hamilton) friends; it grows on you like a fungus. You can't shake it. It becomes part of you.

While here, I married a wonderful woman. Together we have three kids... and 1.5 dogs. The point-five is my daughter's dog, who we share custody with, while she works long shifts saving lives. 

When I can sneak out of the house on my own... you might see me riding my bike on the rail trail, or playing a very bad version of hockey at the quad-pad. In both cases, I am usually breathing quite heavily. Please forgive me then, if I can't hold a conversation.  I'm looking forward; however, to holding many conversations with people who can make a difference in your life, and mine, as citizens and residents of Hamilton.  I hope you can join us for The Hamilton Network, here on Cable 14.


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