Holiday Programming

This season you can catch a variety of holiday-themed programming on Cable 14. Check our schedule for additional airtimes. 

December 4th                6:30pm      Gore Park Tree Lighting The tree lighting ceremony live from Gore Park. 

December 14th              5:30pm      Crafts with Hamilton Public Library Create circular, geometric designs on
                                                             rocks, make pretty paper flowers from unwanted paperback books, and
                                                             repurpose an unwanted book into a paper wreath in these step-by-step

December 14th-18th      6:00pm     Talk to Santa Call in and talk to the big guy himself!

December 14th              8:00pm      Marisa's Easy Christmas Marisa shares traditional holiday meal recipes.

December 14th            10:00pm      Christmas Lights Across Canada A celebration of lights on Parliament Hill. 

December 15th             5:30pm       Crafts with Hamilton Public Library Learn the art of tying knots and make a
                                                             leaf  charm, and learn how to make a lovely bouquet using colourful papers
                                                             in these step-by-step demonstrations.

December 15th             7:00pm       Santa Claus Parades A look back at some of the 2019 Santa Claus Parades. 

December 25th             All Day        Festive Fire A full screen broadcast of our festive log fire.