Productions with Bruce Black

Bruce Black

Host/Community Producer


Bruce was born and raised and lived life in Hamilton, and is now the host and producer of The Shift. He graduated from Mohawk College with honours in Engineering and has spent most of his career developing technical solutions for a wide variety of applications. Bruce holds multiple U.S. and Canadian Patents for radio communication and is currently the C.E.O. of AirCoach Communication Systems.

In addition, to Engineering Bruce has a diploma in Hospitality, which he put to use as the owner and C.E.O. of a restaurant called The Coach and Lantern in Ancaster.

Bruce spends some of his free time coaching a local Peewee BB hockey team.

As an engineer, Bruce was once more about string theory and dark matter than spiritualty. However, while recovering from a serious car accident, he discovered that he had several gifts that he had been ignoring. As he became more enlightened, he began to realize that physics and spirituality were actually connected, and with this realization his abilities blossomed.

Now Bruce wants to share his gifts and insight with his viewers.