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Larry Di Ianni
Host/Community Producer

Larry was raised and schooled in inner-city Hamilton, receiving an undergraduate degree from McMaster University before pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Toronto. He went on to have a distinguished career in education as a classroom teacher of English and eventually Principal of a number of secondary schools.

Concurrently, Larry became involved in local politics in Stoney Creek, serving on its city council for eighteen years. He was elected to the new city of Hamilton’s first amalgamated council in 2000 and then served as mayor from 2003-2006.

During his tenure as Mayor, Larry championed anti-poverty initiatives, the completion of the Red Hill Valley Parkway, the development of employment lands to expand our jobs-base, the revitalization of derelict buildings, the improvement of public safety across the city, the creation of community councils to respect the former independent communities in the region, the strengthening of relationships with other levels of government, the fixing of our social services funding model to help local taxpayers, the branding of Hamilton as an ‘education city’, Arts promotion, and many other initiatives.

Larry has had a long history of community involvement and has spent the last number of years volunteering for the United Way, HARRRP (a downtown advocacy group), Friends of HMCS Haida, and the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, as well as moderating and hosting several programs on Cable 14. Larry also owns a small consulting company, LDi Consulting.


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