Productions with Lindsay Marshall

Lindsay Marshall

Associate Community Producer

Lindsay Marshall is CEO & Founder of Elite Events & PR Management Inc. With more than a decade of experience in public relations, Lindsay has worked with clients across various sectors, including technology, insurance, transportation and personal development. Specializing in brand and event management, Lindsay established Elite Events & PR Management in 2009 with a vision of providing a boutique PR firm experience. 

Lindsay’s background is in public relations, digital marketing, and online reputation management. She provides her clients with a multitude of effective practices, including brand integrity, influencing digital audiences, target demographics, and media, while ensuring these tactics are creating a balanced relationship between online and offline brand initiatives. 

Lindsay is also the Brand Manager for Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc.

Lindsay’s passion for branding and social PR strategies is what sets her apart; her boundary-pushing mentality unveils a refreshing approach for her clients to connect with their audience authentically and sincerely.