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Stephen Jarnick
Community Producer

Born just outside of London, England Stephen emigrated to Canada as a child. His love of music lead to becoming a semi-professional tenor in the men and boys choir at St. James' Cathedral in Toronto, where he served as cantor for ten years.

Fast forward to today and Stephen now fills the role of director of the Baking For Change show, as well as being the director of Goodie Goodie, a non-profit bakery that provides training and jobs for refugee youth.

Prior to being with Goodie Goodie he organized large outdoor student events for Peaceworks and worked with other non-profits that supported refugee communities. Add to that a number of years spent supervising luxury retail stores, while learning as much as he could about French baking, and you'll begin to understand how the Baking For Change show came to be.

Stephen's goal is to inspire and entertain viewers with yummy baking ideas while making the world a little better place. Or as the Goodie Goodie slogan says... "DO GOOD. EAT GOOD."