Marisa's Easy Kitchen

Marisa’s family and friends know how much she loves to cook and bake!  Using simple ingredients and fresh produce, she creates delicious and nutritious dishes that both the novice and experienced cook will enjoy making and sharing. Watch Marisa’s Easy Kitchen to keep cooking easy and rewarding!

With a passion for both cooking and mental health, Marisa believes that the kitchen is a great place to build wellness, especially if you share what you cook!  Preparing a dish not only provides an opportunity to learn self-care skills, but it also allows for a creative outlet and for a healthy distraction from stressors! Pull out a freshly baked loaf of stuffed bread from your oven and watch your sense of confidence rise! Build a delicious salad with your homemade dressing and feed your self-esteem! Invite a friend to a mouth-watering homemade roast chicken dinner and get ready for a heartwarming sense of pride! Whether you are having a bad day or just need to spice things up, let Marisa show you how the kitchen can become your happy place!

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