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Harmony McKenzie
Supervisor, Programming & Community Relations

Graduating from Mohawk College with Honours, Harmony also left with several awards including the Micheal Monty Award presented by the O.A.B and the Silver Medal Award presented by Mohawk College.

Over the years Harmony has worked in a variety of production environments including Westwind Picture, Smokebomb Entertainment, Rogers TV, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and CHCH. Though Harmony spends a lot of her time “behind-the-scenes” she is no stranger to the spotlight with over 20 years of experience in runway, print, commercial and film as an actress/model.

Since joining Cable 14, Harmony has produced hundreds of shows and special events including Cable 14's coverage of elections. In addition to producing, she is involved in the overall planning stategy for Cable 14's programming, she is co-chair of Cable 14's Joint Health and Safety Committee and maintains and associated social media. 

On her spare time, Harmony enjoys learning new and unexpected things and travelling whenever she gets the chance. Her love of travelling led her to obtain a pilot’s license, which allows her to take journeys through the sky! 



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