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Jonathan Freedman
General Manager

I started my career in 1988 as the 2nd Assistant Director for Degrassi Junior High.  From there I went to YTV as their Floor Director moving into the role of Senior Producer on two of YTV's iconic game shows, Video & Arcade Top 10 and CLIPS.

The next career stage took me into a role of Executive Producer where I produced live-action productions in the world of video gaming. This unique part of my career gave me the opportunity to work with brands like Microsoft, Sega, 3DO & PlayStation. This experience then opened the door for a role as Studio Director for the SONY's UK internal PlayStation development studio where one of my teams won a BAFTA award for game design. On my return from the UK I joined a video game publisher/distributor HIP Interactive as their Director of Development & 1st Party Relations. 

Everything eventually came full circle when I joined TELUS doing Business Development for the content team, which included deals for TELUS TV. This led to a role at  ROGERS Communications as part of their Content team to negotiate deals for both wireless & cable content providers.  After 2 years in this role, I took over the internal Cable creative production group at ROGERS and established a robust production team that produced a variety of content for Rogers Cable, Sportsnet while also supporting many of the company's internal departments.

My experience has taught me to respect one thing, "Content is King".  In everything we produce here at Cable 14, it is essential that we look at every aspect of the content being created and continue ask ourselves, is this programming checking all the boxes?

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to meet more of the community here in Hamilton.  As a self proclaimed Foodie, I've especially enjoyed discovering and trying the amazing food Hamilton has to offer. 

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