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Bob Assadourian
Host / Community Producer

Bob Assadourian is the owner of Triple R Inc. a Hamilton Home Improvement company and its Media Division of Just Ask Bob, an advocacy and awareness brand. Bob has more than 30 years of experience in the crazy world of home improvements and new construction, 20 years ago he founded his Home Improvement Company of Triple R Inc. and 17 years ago he became the brand known as Just Ask Bob.

Born in Hamilton and a resident all his life, a happily married father of two. Bob is known as an advocate in our community for consumer rights, specifically against contractor fraud. He is the top go-to panelist in the news, on TV, radio, Magazine and Newspaper. By nature, Bob is a master communicator and can articulate like no one else you will ever meet. He has mastered the art of careful listening. In most cases, Bob will answer your questions before you can even ask them. It is this skill of listening and communication that has contributed to Bob’s success in his business, personal life and his Cable 14 show. Bob calls it his most important tool in his toolbox, "listening" and communicating", which has resulted in his numerous accolades and forever continuing recognition in the media. When you communicate with Bob, whether by email, phone or in person… he will make you feel like you are the only person in the world, making you feel special and important and never like a number. It is this connection and level of dedication that has always translated to a repair or renovation that has always exceeded the homeowner's satisfaction.

In the case of Just Ask Bob, a clearly articulated answer to all question which translates to helping a homeowner completing their own DIY renovation project. In the case of Advocacy, Bob has gone from sitting in a homeowner's living room, patiently listening to them at times as they break out and cry about their disaster renovation. Bob educates/advocates for them and from there has gone to small claims court with them as an expert witness... and by the way those homeowners WON their case against their contractor in court... and by the way those winning homeowners were featured on Cable 14, not once but TWICE. It pays to watch local and real Cable television.