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Katie McClelland
Host/Community Producer

Katie has been teaching yoga full time since 1997. She likes to joke that she was certified to teach yoga while still in the womb, as her mother went through yoga teacher training while pregnant with her!  

In 2006 she co-founded De La Sol Yoga Studios and has been the sole owner and director since 2008. De La Sol sees hundreds of students through their doors every day, and Katie has graduated over 400 yoga teacher trainees in her renowned YTT program . She is the host of 'Yoga with Katie' on Cable 14, which brings yoga into the homes of folks in the community free of charge. Recently, Katie has been speaking out at high schools and recovery centers about her history of drug addiction and ongoing journey towards wellness and wholeness. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir that details her descent into crystal meth addiction and the lessons in self-love and forgiveness she has learned along her way.

In her own words:
I am a dedicated yogi and spiritual seeker, recovering addict, speaker, mentor, teacher of teachers, singer, wannabe broadway performer, mother, wife, daughter, sister and confidant. For years I doubted my path, denied my gifts and attempted to self-medicate my depression and anxiety away. I wanted to live big but felt frozen. The more I desperately sought to realize my potential, the harder I stumbled and the further I fell. I have finally found my truth, my voice and my place in this world. I am passionate about sharing my message of self-love in order to help others overcome self-sabotage and find peace and fulfillment in their lives.


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